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You just recorded that new track, and now you need an awesome visual to go along with it. You don't have a huge budget, but you do want great quality and creativity. We can make it happen. From traditional-style (just you and your guitar/band/group) to advanced (this featured video to the right), or just a simpler lyrical or audio spectrum video. We got you.

Not everyone has the budget or even the desire to be on camera. Or maybe you want to save that bigger video for a different song on the album. Lyric videos are a great way to have a music video without the hassle. Audio-spectrum style allows the viewer to absorb the feel and mood of your song, while keeping their attention. Just send over your logo, a photo, and we'll turn it into something special and unique to you. 

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Dragon Ball Super Music Video
Ho Ho Hopefully - cover by American Avenue
Chozetsu Dynamic - Audio Spectrum
Royals - cover by Hip Deep

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what you're looking for?

BEV has created hundreds of videos for creative and personal projects. Please contact us with details and we will send you an example directly!

American Avenue - Ho Ho Hopefully

Lyric and


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Full-out videos

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